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Blue Fin


The Blue Fin model likes to be ridden in the shorter mid-length sizes, so we start it off around 6’6 and go up to around 7’10. You like to ride these boards a bit longer and more volume than your shortboards. These boards like to catch more waves and you will notice that right when you paddle out for your first session. The rails come full, so you got lots of foam on the deck. With all that volume we can still pull in the nose just a tiny bit allowing the board to fit in steeper sections and get through some hollower parts of the wave. The tail isn’t so pulled in, more of a medium width. Although with the flip in the tail rocker you can still crank out turns with drive and power and flexibility throughout your maneuver. Timmy put a single to double concave that runs down the bottom of the board and just barely fades into a slight vee coming off the tail block. This gives you that extra speed that these boards always carry.  This board can be ridden as a user-friendly design and just cruised on during the smaller days or can be pushed to the limits of rail-to-rail power surfing in solid conditions when the conditions call for it. This model is for the surfer looking to catch more waves while still having all the freedom of performance surfing.  Ridden as a standard tri fin set up.Ridden as a standard tri fin set up but also can be ridden with a twin fin or twin fin w/ trailer. 

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