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Matt Archbold Built For Speed

This is probably one of the most iconic models in the entire line up. When you think about Matt Archbold you think about his double wing swallow tail boards and you think about going fast. Matt and Timmy have worked for decades on this design from way back in Timmy's earliest years of shaping. The design has always been Matts go to performance shape. The double wing swallow pulls in the tail block for all those tight snappy turns at the higher speeds in the pocket. Comes standard with medium high rocker like Matt still gets them today! Matt also liked them with medium fuller rails. When Matt wasn't on one of his channel bottoms he would go single to slight double concave  bottom that fades into vee off the tail. Built for speed just like the name says.

Built for Speed deck_edited.png
Built for Speed bottom_edited.png
Built for Speed rocker_edited.png
Built fopr speed_edited.png
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