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Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper

The Chili Pepper by Timmy Patterson. A high-performance mid length design. This board likes to be surfed in lots of variety of conditions. It can be surfed with just about anyone in mind, beginner to pro. This board can work in anything from 2 ft slow small surf all the way up to head high and couple ft overhead.  

This model being a mid-length carries the volume all the way through the outline. that fuller outline and bigger board allows for an easy longboard feel when you paddle.

The lower nose rocker gives you that initial kick of speed at the start of your wave. Once you hit the bottom of the wave you will feel the medium tail rocker as the board kicks into second gear. You feel the drive off that first bottom turn. Timmy designed the bottom of this board with concave under the nose that goes flat down until underneath your back foot where it fades into vee running off the tail. That Vee off the tail really lets you roll the board onto rail at those higher speeds in critical sections. This board can be ridden as a single fin, tri fin or 2+1 fin set up. 

Designed to be ridden as a round tail.

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