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Flying Saucer concave_edited.png
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Flying Saucer

First off this board should be ridden  3”-6” smaller than your standard short board, it has an extremely fuller and wider outline with a flat deck and full rails. Low entry rocker and low flip in the tail rocker. Slight single to double concave running to vee off the end of the tail. This board really can be ridden with just about any fin set up. You can get creative and find what you like best on this one. Works great with almost every set up, It’s recommended to try it out with a quad set up and a small nubster as the fifth fin in the center. The Timmy Patterson 6 fin TP-3 fin set would go great with a board like this just to have all available set ups with just one set. The outline pulls down to a double wing fuller wider squash tail. Very fun board, used to make these real short for Christian Fletcher and some of the guys in the late 80’s to early 90’s.

FLYING SAUCER_edited.png
flying saucer.png
Flying Saucer deck_edited.png
Flying Saucer bottom_edited.png
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