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Gas Pedal

If you’re looking for a board to glide over those slow and weak sections, the Gas Pedal is what you need. There’s no need to sacrifice that high performance feel with this board. Einstein might have come up with the theory of relativity but Timmy has solved every surfers “need for speed.” No need for a full groveler as this board can be your everyday “go to” board. The Gas Pedal is a “no brainer” because it is going to work in small gutless surf to overhead waves. The Gas Pedal is built with medium low nose rocker and medium high kick in the tail rocker. The reason this board creates so much speed is from the magical single concave that’s dug out in the bottom. Timmy also likes to foil the rails out to a medium rail allowing for progressive surfing in small surf to those better days.

Ride this board just a little shorter and wider.

This board was originally designed with a swallow tail in mind but also likes to be ridden as a squash tail or even rounded squash.

GAS PEDAL_edited.png
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