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Introducing the IZZY, Timmy Patterson's exceptional pro model designed in collaboration with Izzy Paskowitz. Born out of Timmy's passion for innovation, this board showcases one of his favorite outlines, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of longboard competition and versatile freestyle surfing across diverse conditions.

The IZZY features medium performance rails that strike a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. This thoughtful rail design empowers you to push the limits of your surfing, whether you're carving graceful lines on a longboard or unleashing your creativity in freestyle sessions.

Beneath the board you’ll find concave tucked away under the nose, a flatter bottom contour gradually transitions into a slight concave, culminating in a vee off the tail. This bottom configuration delivers enhanced speed and control, allowing you to harness the energy of the wave and execute precise maneuvers with confidence.

Ridden with a round tail, the IZZY thrives on versatility, accommodating various surf styles and preferences. Its 2+1 fin setup further augments the board's adaptability, providing a combination of stability, drive, and maneuverability that complements the diverse conditions you'll encounter in the water.

Designed with Izzy Paskowitz's input and Timmy Patterson's expertise, the IZZY is a pro model that embodies the fusion of performance and style. Whether you're competing on the longboard or exploring new realms of freestyle expression, this board is your ultimate companion, ready to elevate your surfing to new heights.

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