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The Hybrid template is a new addition to the family of AU Fins. It was designed to be fast down line, sharp through turns, and explosive through rail to rail transitions. With thousands of testimonies and feedback from surfers all over the globe, we took the existing template and tweaked it in a way that enhanced the range of performance in speed and in wave height. Critical design analysis of the original template was given to us by Kelly Slater and from that, the AU Hybrid Series was born.

Ideal Conditions

This template works wonders in nearly all conditions! Though this design was engineered with juicier waves in mind, it still easily out-performs expectations in small surf. There is a noticeable dramatic increase in board speed and maneuverability in all size waves.


  • Small Surf: You want these fins.. Easily fly down the line faster than you have ever gone before AU Fins.
  • Medium Surf: You will notice a variety of added benefits to the boards performance, speed being at the top of the list! Maneuverability coming in close second.
  • Large Surf: You will notice the board being able to negotiate the face of the wave with grace and ferocity, harnessing board speed where it is needed and adding board speed to where it is lacking. Simply put, it makes a good board feel even better!

Skill Level

  • Advanced: You will notice fluidity and seamless transition through turns with ease.
  • Intermediate: You will notice immediate speed from the take-off and turns that can be pushed past what the board was capable of before.
  • Novice: You will notice an added feeling of controlled chaos, the board feels easier to ride all around and problem sections become easier to make.

AU Hybrid 2.0 Tri

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