Chopped Clam

The chopped clam takes the old clam board and just made it work in even smaller junkier surf. This design has a single concave bottom for speed, low entry rocker and low tail rocker. Medium full rails giving you that traditional performance feel. The over all outline is pretty full and the chop tail allows for a wider tail block giving you that easy release when you really need it. The tail allows for some pretty tricky snappy maneuvers even when the waves are small and junk its still easy to make the most out of a wave with this board. Ride this board just a little shorter than your regular shorty.

***For custom sizes please email your order direct to

Width can go 1/4” wider or narrow) (thickness can go 1/16” thicker or thinner)

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'4 19 2.13 22.84
5'5 19.13 2.20 24.13
5'6 19.25 2.25 25.22
5'7 19.38 2.32 26.59
5'8 19.50 2.38 27.89
5'9 19.63 2.42 28.96
5'10 19.75 2.50 30.54
5'11 19.88 2.55 31.82
6'0 20 2.60 33.11
6'1 20.13 2.63 34.20
6'2 20.25 2.68 35.55
6'3 20.38 2.70 36.56
6'4 20.50 2.75 37.97



  • We wanna make sure you are getting your own brand new board that no one else laid their grubby fingers on yet so we dont build your board until you order it. Board orders can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to build before they ship out. Shipping restrictions may apply for some zones. Domestic shipping for USA orders only.


    All boards come clear white w/no color.

    Sanded finish w/ Black logos

    Every surfboard is shaped by Timmy Patterson and glassed in the T.Patterson Surfboard factory in sunny San Clemente California USA.