The TP-RED Tri fin set comes in comp weight standard honeycomb construction. This tri fin design is Timmy Pattersons original TP-1 TrI fin designs that has been used with Timmys boards dated back to the glass on days. The TP-RED design is a one size fits all fin. More of a medium/large size fin that kind of fits just about anyone in almost all conditions. Fun fact: Timmy's first job in the surfboard factory when he was younger was making fins. Back in the day they made the fins in the same place the boards were glassed and that was how Timmy Patterson started working in the surfboard factory. He was building fins before he shaped. Timmy has worked and helped develop some of the most advanced fin designs and fin sytems still used on most boards to this day and is still very involved with fin sytems and the paths they are taking into the future with surfboard design.

TP-RED TRI FIN *FCS2 compatible