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NSSA national championships brings out all the families every year to southern California and all the next groms to be are in town competing for that national title. Its always a busy time with all the groms trying out new sticks for the competition. Timmy has specialized in making these tiny high performance boards year after year since the grommy days of such as Coco Ho, Mason Ho, John John, Andrew Doheny, Kalani David etc. Making these little high performance shred sticks for the contest never gets old. Every year there’s some one new coming into the mix and we get to work with the future of the sport every year and the boards are getting that much better every time the contest comes to town.

This year for 2018 we made boards for the Franzmann brothers Dylan and Makana who made it all the way through the open mens and junior opening rounds and getting out in the semis. Coming all the way from North Shore of Oahu

Taylor Stacy in the middle school division a local girl from town here took the win in her division overall! Great job Taylor excellent surfing from her and so much more to come in the future.

Rylan Beavers out of Kauai trying out some T.Patterson boards for his first time and bringing home a fourth place in the finals for Open boys division.

Cant wait for next year and until then lets keep the groms ripping!!

Dylan Franzmann 7.5 point ride

Dylan Franzmann 9 point ride

Makana Franzmann mix tape from 2018 NSSA nationals

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