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ITALO wins AGAIN! Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2019

Here we go! Starting the 2019 season off with the WIN! Italo Ferreria takes down Kalohe in the final at Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2019 and moves into the #1 spot wearing the yellow jersey.

It's been the amazing partnership with Silver Surf Surfboards in Brazil, That has made the partnership with Italo Ferreira possible and to see everything come together with all the hard work and dedication around the world to help support Italo Ferreira to get to this point is just 100% amazing. Nothing better than to watch Italo Ferreira start to unfold into this 2019 season and we look forward to whats next. Thanks for everyones support and stay tuned for more.

For T.Patterson Surfboards in Brazil please visit

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