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We proudly present The Flag, a modified version of the Scorpion designed to excel not only in small, mushy waves but also in wedgy gutter conditions. Responding to customer requests, we have crafted this model with a slightly pulled-in round tail, ensuring optimal performance in punchier surf The Flag delivers unparalleled agility and responsiveness.

With a low entry rocker seamlessly transitioning into an aggressive tail rocker, this surfboard effortlessly navigates tighter sections of the wave. Experience newfound freedom as you maneuver the board swiftly and snappily, conquering spots that may have posed challenges before. The meticulous craftsmanship by Timmy incorporates a subtle single-to-double concave bottom contour, seamlessly rolling into a slight vee off the tail. This refined design enhances the board's ability to adapt to varying wave conditions, offering unmatched control and precision.

Optimal performance is achieved when riding The Flag at your height, give or take an inch or two, ensuring a personalized fit for surfers of different sizes. The Flag is your versatile companion, empowering you to conquer waves with ease and finesse.

Experience The Flag, a surfboard that combines the art of adaptation with unrivaled maneuverability, allowing you to raise your performance to new heights in any wave scenario.

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Available Tech

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