Wiggolly Dantas model

The Wiggolly design comes off the tweaks that Wiggolly has been modifying off Italo's original IF15 model that had worked so well time after time. The IF15 was such a solid dependable shape for whatever surf gets thrown his way that he stayed on that design and started to make adjustments where needed. The rocker sweeps into a medium high nose rocker and keeps a straight spot running through the middle of your feet down through the tail to keep the speed flow. The outline is such a solid performance outline yet still has a bit of width in the nose and tail zone keeping the volume fuller still allowing for maximum performance and still being extremely forgiving. The bottom comes standard with a slight single concave that runs all the way down the bottom. Rails are high performance but still very forgiving and just got a touch of volume into them. Great board for the guys looking for a solid shortboard to ride as his everyday board. Ideal model for a surf trip. Comes in Squash, round, round pin, pin or swallow. Ride as a tri fin.