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Introducing The Chili Pepper, a dynamic surfboard model crafted by Timmy Patterson. This high-performance mid-length design thrives in a wide range of conditions, catering to surfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Whether you're faced with slow, small 2-foot waves or head-high sets, The Chili Pepper is ready to deliver an exceptional surfing experience.

As a mid-length board, The Chili Pepper boasts ample volume throughout its outline. This fuller shape and larger size provide an easy longboard-like feel when paddling, enhancing stability and wave-catching ability.

The lower nose rocker of The Chili Pepper generates an initial burst of speed as you take off on a wave. Once you reach the bottom, the medium tail rocker kicks in, propelling the board into second gear. You'll feel the drive and responsiveness as you execute that first bottom turn. Timmy designed the bottom of this board with concave under the nose that goes flat down until underneath your back foot where it fades into vee running off the tail. This strategic bottom contouring enables smooth rail-to-rail transitions at higher speeds, especially in critical sections of the wave.

The Chili Pepper offers versatility in its fin setup options, allowing you to choose between a single fin, tri fin, or 2+1 configuration. Each setup provides a distinct surfing experience, enabling you to tailor the board's performance to your preferences and the conditions at hand.

Designed to be ridden with a round tail, The Chili Pepper encompasses the perfect balance of maneuverability and control.

Experience the thrill and adaptability of The Chili Pepper, a surfboard model engineered to excel in various wave conditions. From its versatile design to its exceptional performance capabilities, this board is poised to elevate your surfing to new heights.

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