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The Duster is almost like a sequel to last year’s Synthetic 84 model. We had so many people coming back after riding the Synthetic 84 and wanting to take that same feeling & turn that into more of performance  shortboard design. So that’s what Timmy was able to do here. We just took that same formula that we used on the Synthetic 84 and applied that lower rocker with the same bottom contour that runs flat to a slight single into a slight double and fades into vee off the tail. This model likes to generate speed right at the take off! This board is still loaded with lots of volume in the deck. More of a fuller rail that almost has a very slight down rail feel to it. This design has full curve nose to tail throughout the outline. Likes to be surfed in knee to overhead conditions. 

Great board for the day-to-day surfer looking for one board to work in day-to-day conditions. 

Comes standard as squash, round , or swallow tail. Ridden as a tri fin.

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