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The Duster takes the exhilarating experience of riding the Synthetic 84 and transforms it into a high-performance shortboard design. Crafted by the skilled hands of Timmy, this surfboard embodies the same formula that made the Synthetic 84 a fan favorite. By incorporating a lower rocker and maintaining the flat-to-slight-single-bottom contour, transitioning into a subtle double that gracefully blends into a vee off the tail, we've ensured that the Duster generates speed effortlessly right from the takeoff.

With ample volume throughout the deck, the Duster boasts a fuller rail that imparts a subtle down rail sensation. Its outline features a continuous curve from nose to tail, offering a smooth and responsive ride. This versatile design thrives in knee to overhead conditions, catering to the day-to-day surfer seeking a reliable go-to board that excels in various situations.

The Duster comes equipped with your choice of a squash, round, or swallow tail, accompanied by a tri fin setup to maximize performance. Elevate your surfing experience with the Duster – the epitome of speed, agility. A fast user-friendly board. The working man’s shortboard.

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Available Tech

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