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Flight Risk

Working with the guys over in Hawaii this last year we were doing some fine tuning on Italo Ferreira's Pool Party model and we ended up with this new creation. By the end of it all Timmy tweaked the rocker just slightly with a little more kick in the tail rocker and then to pull in the tail block a bit more we added a single wing and went swallow tail so this model is only available in the single wing swallow tail option. Has all that volume of your Pool Party style grovel board yet super snappy and loose in the pocket, especially when it gets going. Very easy to release and very forgiving. Timmy gives the bottom a slight single to double concave with slight vee off the tail. Great day to day board for the man who just has one go to board. 

flight risk_edited.png
Flight Risk deck_edited.png
Flight Risk bottom_edited.png
Flight Risk rocker_edited.png
Flight Risk concave_edited.png
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