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Italo Ferreira's new IF15 GOLD. This model was developed over time leading up to the 2020 summer Olympic games. Working with Italo and his signature model we knew that we were going to have to make some tweaks to his standard IF15 to be able to perform in smaller softer beach break style almost close out conditions.

We were able to thicken up the tail block, widen the outline so slightly and give it just a little more width in the tail and nose area. Given that extra width in the tail block we wanted to dig out more concave this time. This gives you that extra drive through your turns. Especially since Timmy dropped the rail line in the rocker off the tail block. Giving you even more drive off your back foot.

​This model has more of a fuller rail and that gives it a very user-friendly feel even though it’s a high-performance design. 

The IF15 GOLD likes to be surfed in waist high to overhead surf.

Ride this board with a tri fin set up and can be ordered with round, squash, chop or swallow tail., 


Available Tech

PU POLY test.png
EPS EPOXY test.png
Stringerless Epoxy Carbon test.png
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