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Italo Ferreira's Pool Party Two

Italo Ferreira's Pool Party TWO

This one comes right off the original Pool Party that was one of the all time best sellers. Geared for more of your day to day average conditions. Most guys have the IF15 but are looking for something high performance to still ride in smaller conditions. For most of us that could be your day to day conditions some times unfortunately. You will ride this board usually right around one to two inches shorter than your IF15 shortboard. Ridden pretty well up to about a foot or two overhead. Recommended as a squash or swallow tail. Timmy runs a single to slight double concave that fades into a slight vee off the tail. PP-2 has medium nose rocker and a medium to low tail rocker.

Pool Party Two rocker_edited.png
Pool Party Two_edited.png
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