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Introducing Italo Ferreira's Pool Party TWO, an exceptional model following the tremendous success of the original Pool Party. Designed to excel in your everyday average surfing conditions, this board caters to those who seek a high-performance option for smaller waves. Unfortunately, these are the conditions most of us encounter on a regular basis.

The Pool Party TWO is typically ridden same as your own height or one to two inches shorter than your standard shortboard, allowing for enhanced maneuverability. It performs even in waves ranging from waist-high & for the advanced surfer, a couple of feet overhead. This board is highly recommended with a squash or swallow tail.

Timmy's craftsmanship incorporates a single to slight double concave, transitioning smoothly into a slight vee off the tail. The PP-2 boasts a medium nose rocker coupled with a medium to low tail rocker, striking a perfect balance for optimal speed & control.

Pool Party Two rocker_edited.png
Pool Party Two_edited.png
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Available Tech

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