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Get ready to experience the timeless allure of the S-Twin surfboard. Born from the classic Sherman round nose fish outline, this board has become a staple choice for surfers spanning the globe, from the North Shore of Hawaii to the coastlines of Brazil and California. Through continuous refinement and collaboration with surfers, its design has reached new heights of performance and versatility.

The S-Twin retains the iconic single wing swallow tail, which allows for a pulled-in tail block. This unique feature harmonizes with the wider outline, enabling quick rail-to-rail transitions and providing remarkable drive and speed. With a slight single concave fading into vee off the tail, the board effortlessly rolls onto the rail, even in gutless surf that would challenge other boards. The vee bottom offers superior control and keeps the board locked onto the rail with ease.

Designed with a low rocker, the S-Twin excels in smaller, mushier waves. However, it has also gained a following among those who ride it year-round. Timmy has specifically crafted this board to be paired with a twin fin setup and a small trailer center fin, offering maximum creativity and adaptability. The S-Twin welcomes experimentation with length preferences. Some riders opt for longer boards with generous volume, while others push the boundaries by going shorter and maximizing volume.

Unleash the versatile power of the S-Twin and elevate your surfing experience. This board blends timeless style with modern performance, empowering you to dominate in a variety of wave conditions and explore new realms of speed and maneuverability.

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Available Tech

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