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Twinthetic concave
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The Twinthetic emerges as the full embodiment of last year's crowd-favorite, the "Synthetic 84." Building upon its success, we've reimagined it as a twin fin, offering two distinct tail options: a single wing round pin or a single wing swallow tail. Embracing the essence of its predecessor, the Twinthetic retains the timeless and meticulously refined high-performance outline of the 1980s.

Loaded with generous volume throughout the core, this board ensures optimal buoyancy and paddling efficiency. Its flatter deck and sharp, semi-down rail provide exceptional control at higher speeds, instilling confidence in every maneuver. Paying homage to the classic 80s design, the Twinthetic features a beak nose, capturing the nostalgia of an era renowned for its style and innovation.

The true magic of the Twinthetic lies in its fin placement. We've pushed the fins further back on the tail, deviating from the traditional standard placement. This unique configuration generates exceptional drive at high speeds, allowing you to thrive in hollower conditions. The bottom contour boasts a single concave under the front foot, gracefully transitioning into a double-to-vee/double configuration off the tail, further enhancing performance and responsiveness.

Experience the Twinthetic, a surfboard that seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern innovation. Unlock new dimensions of speed and maneuverability as you embrace the spirit of the 80s while riding the waves of today.

Typically, you want to order it 1/16-1/8 inch thinner than your standard shortboard dimensions. The Flat deck keeps the volume all the way out to the rail so there is more volume than a traditional board.

Twinthetic deck_edited.png
Twinthetic bottom_edited.png
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