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Introducing the Alley Rat model, a high-performance shortboard designed to elevate your surfing to the next level. With its traditional performance outline, this board features a pulled-in nose and a tail that strikes the perfect blend of speed and control. By eliminating excess foam in the outline, we've ensured a seamless transition in and out of maneuvers at high speeds.


The medium continuous tail rocker of the Alley Rat delivers exceptional drive and down-the-line speed effortlessly, without compromising maneuverability. To enhance paddling efficiency, we've incorporated a semi-hidden flat spot under the chest area, transitioning into a semi-flip in the nose. This combination provides paddling power & quick acceleration while maintaining control and responsiveness in critical sections of the wave.


Crafted with soft and forgiving rails, the Alley Rat allows for precise control and easy rail engagement even at high speeds. The medium fullness of the rails strikes the perfect balance between sensitivity and stability, it can be a hi-pro groveler but still hold its own when the waves have juice.


The Alley Rat holds moderate bottom contours. We've implemented a single concave under your front foot to generate speed, transitioning into a double concave in between the fins going flat off the tail for enhanced maneuverability rail to rail. This design facilitates smooth transitions and provides the versatility needed to excel in different wave conditions.


Experience the thrill of high-performance surfing every day with the Alley Rat model. Its well-balanced characteristics make it a reliable choice for surfers seeking speed, control, and maneuverability. Get ready to take your surfing to new heights with the Alley Rat.

Tail options

Squash, round, round pin, or swallow.

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Available Tech

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