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Introducing The Built For Speed: A Legendary Collaboration with Matt Archbold

Prepare to experience one of the most iconic models in our entire lineup: The Matt Archbold Built For Speed. When you mention Matt Archbold, images of his double wing swallow tail boards and the pursuit of velocity come to mind. For decades, Matt and Timmy have tirelessly honed this design, starting from the earliest years of Timmy's shaping journey. This board has always been Matt's go-to performance shape, embodying his relentless pursuit of speed.

The double wing swallow tail is synonymous with Matt's style, pulling in the tail block to facilitate tight and snappy turns at higher speeds, right in the pocket. The Built For Speed model features high rocker that delivers lots of drive off the backfoot, paying homage to the setup Matt still rides to this day. Additionally, Matt preferred medium fuller rails, allowing for confident rail-to-rail transitions. In instances when he strayed from his signature channel bottoms, he opted for a single-to-slight-double concave bottom contour, gracefully transitioning into a vee off the tail. True to its name, The Built For Speed is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled velocity.

This collaboration celebrates the indelible bond between Matt Archbold, an iconic pro surfer, and Timmy Patterson, a master shaper. It represents their shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and chasing the thrill of pure speed. Prepare to harness the essence of Matt's legendary style with The Built For Speed— a surfboard that embodies the legacy of a surfing icon.

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