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Introducing the Ca Nose Rider: Glide with Grace and Master the Art of Nose Riding

Prepare to experience the timeless beauty of nose riding with the Ca Nose Rider. This exquisite longboard embraces the essence of classic surfboard design while providing modern craftsmanship for an unparalleled nose riding experience.

Inspired by the fuller retro-style outline, the Ca Nose Rider captures the spirit of classic longboarding. Its elegant shape pays homage to the golden era of surfing while incorporating contemporary innovations that elevate your performance.

Featuring a lower rocker and a gentle tail kick, this board delivers exceptional stability and effortless gliding capabilities. The well-balanced design allows you to find the sweet spot on the board and master the art of trimming, cruising, and gliding across the wave's face with grace and ease.

With 50/50 soft rails, the Ca Nose Rider strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and control. These smooth, forgiving rails enhance your ability to navigate the wave, providing stability while executing precise turns and stylish maneuvers. Whether you're exploring the open face or gracefully hanging ten, the Ca Nose Rider empowers you to express your style and showcase the art of nose riding.

Designed with a concave up underneath the nose and a rolled bottom, this board offers enhanced lift and responsiveness, enabling you to stay locked in the pocket and effortlessly walk to the nose. Its finely tuned construction ensures a harmonious connection with the wave, allowing you to dance across the water with confidence and finesse.

Unleash your inner soul surfer and embrace the art of nose riding with the Ca Nose Rider. Perfect for riders of all skill levels, this board offers a platform to elevate your surfing and immerse yourself in the beauty of classic longboarding. Glide with grace, find your balance, and experience the joy of hanging ten on the Ca Nose Rider.

Available Tech

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