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The Five Speed is the quintessential all-arounder, perfect for surfers who rely on a single board for any given day's surf conditions. This versatile board is designed to be driven off your front foot while allowing for increased looseness under your back foot. It seamlessly combines the high-performance feel of a shortboard with the ability to handle medium-sized waves up to solid overhead conditions.

The Five Speed excels in fitting into tighter sections and reacts quickly and snappily, making it a favorite among beach breaks. Its responsive nature allows for dynamic maneuvers and effortless performance.

When it comes to sizing, we recommend riding the Five Speed at approximately your height, with some flexibility for personal preference. Timmy has crafted this model with a medium nose rocker and a slightly more accelerated tail rocker, enhancing its maneuverability and responsiveness.

The bottom contour features a single-to-slight double concave between the fins, further contributing to its speed and control. As for the tail, it functions best as a squash, round, or swallow, allowing you to choose the style that suits your surfing preferences.

Whether you're tackling smaller waves or pushing your limits in more powerful conditions, the Five Speed is the ideal companion that adapts to varying surf scenarios with ease and style.

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