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If you're seeking a board that effortlessly glides through slow and weak sections, the Gas Pedal is the perfect choice. This board delivers a high-performance feel without compromising on speed. While Einstein may have formulated the theory of relativity, Timmy has cracked the code for every surfer's need for speed. Whether you're dealing with small, gutless waves or overhead conditions, the Gas Pedal is a versatile and dependable option for all your surfing needs.

Crafted with a medium-low nose rocker and a medium-high kick in the tail rocker, the Gas Pedal generates exceptional speed. This remarkable speed can be attributed to the magical single concave artfully carved into the bottom of the board. Timmy has also expertly contoured the rails to a medium profile, enabling progressive surfing in both small and optimal conditions.

For optimal performance, we recommend riding this board in the standard dims and if you’re looking for it to work as a groveler order it in the more volume dims. While the Gas Pedal was initially designed with a swallow tail in mind, it is equally at home with a squash tail or even a rounded squash tail. The choice is yours, and the possibilities for incredible rides are endless with the Gas Pedal.

GAS PEDAL_edited.png
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