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Prepare to experience the next level of performance with the New Sun, a refined version of the beloved Rising Sun surfboard. Building upon its predecessor's strengths, we have expertly pulled in the tail block to unlock a new realm of maneuverability and agility. This redesigned outline empowers you to excel in smaller, more confined sections of the wave, particularly in challenging beach break conditions.

While the original Rising Sun excelled in flatter, slower waves, the New Sun has been meticulously crafted to thrive in faster, more dynamic small surf. It delivers lightning-fast pivots and snappy responsiveness, enabling you to dominate even the most compact waves. Embrace the speed and versatility that the New Sun offers.

Customize your riding experience by exploring different fin setups tailored to your preferences. This versatile board accommodates a variety of options, allowing you to fine-tune your performance for every wave and condition. Whether you're an experienced surfer or just starting out, the New Sun is designed to cater to surfers of all levels. It strikes the perfect balance between user-friendly functionality and progressive performance.

Embodying the spirit of progression, the New Sun is ridden as a round tail, enhancing its ability to carve and flow effortlessly through each turn. With its sleek and refined design, this board exudes confidence and delivers a sublime surfing experience.

Embrace the New Sun and elevate your surfing to new heights. Its enhanced performance, user-friendly nature, and adaptability make it an exceptional all-around board. Get ready to ride the waves with finesse and precision, powered by the New Sun's cutting-edge design.

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Available Tech

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