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Kalani Rivero's pad is part of our OAM's North Shore Charger Series.

Kalani Rivero is like a Swiss Army Knife, with so many tools at his disposal and so many ways to shred and make mincemeat of the North Shore's healthy slabs. Kalani always gets the job done.

His three-piece signature pad is designed to help you shred, slice and get the job done whether surfing your local break or on a strike mission to your favorite destination.

Featuring our OAM Animal Grip™ for performance surfing. The OAM patented diamond grid has the perfect wall to maintain your grip and keep your foot in place, the perfect ramp to allow proper foot movement and just the right degree of grip texture for warm and cold water.

-3 Piece pad

-Kick High

-Arch High

-Regular Tail

OAM Kalani Rivero 3 Piece Traction

SKU: 97425357

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