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Prepare to ride the Scorpion, a surfboard designed to amplify your paddle power and deliver unrivaled performance. With its wide point positioned forward, this board provides extra paddling efficiency, ensuring maximum drive under your chest. The pulled-in tail design eliminates any restrictions, enabling snappy rail-to-rail transitions for dynamic surfing.

Crafted with a medium-low entry rocker, the Scorpion facilitates smooth takeoffs and effortless wave entry. Its bottom contour features a deep single concave that seamlessly transitions into a slight vee off the tail, enhancing speed and control. The Scorpion boasts medium rails, striking the perfect balance between stability and responsiveness.

This exceptional board thrives in waves ranging from waist-high to slightly overhead, allowing you to dominate a variety of conditions. Originally available as a swallow tail, we have recently expanded the options to include round tails, and for those seeking even more innovation, chopped tails have become a favorite among riders. The Scorpion is ideally ridden as a tri-fin setup, maximizing versatility and performance.

Prepare to conquer the waves with the Scorpion, a surfboard that harnesses power, agility, and customization options. Experience the thrill of riding this exceptional model and unlock your full potential on the waves.

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