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Introducing The Pill Two, an evolved version of the iconic Pill model that takes high-performance surfing to new heights. With a fuller round nose reminiscent of the original Pill, this design retains its classic charm. However, the tail has undergone a transformation, featuring a narrower tail block and a sleek performance-style squash tail.

The bottom contour of The Pill Two exhibits a slight single-to-double that fades into vee off the tail, enhancing speed and responsiveness. The board is equipped with medium full rails, striking a balance between stability and maneuverability. To further enhance its performance, a subtle tip flip up in the nose and a slight tail flip are incorporated.

Versatility is at the core of The Pill Two's design, as it excels with various fin setups. While it performs admirably as a tri fin or quad, it truly shines as a twin fin setup with a trailer fin. The combination of twin fins and a trailer fin unlocks its full potential, delivering unparalleled speed, control, and drive.

When selecting the dimensions for The Pill Two, it is recommended to choose a shorter and wider board. This configuration enhances its maneuverability and allows you to tap into its dynamic performance capabilities.

Experience the evolution of The Pill with The Pill Two. Embrace the fuller round nose, refined tail design, and advanced features that elevate your surfing experience. Whether you opt for a tri fin, quad, or the highly recommended twin fin with a trailer fin, this board is designed to push boundaries and elevate your surfing to new levels. Get ready to redefine your performance on The Pill Two.

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Available Tech

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