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Prepare to experience the dynamic fusion of classic aesthetics and modern performance with the Twinner surfboard. This model pays homage to the iconic 80s style, featuring a wider, fuller nose and a slightly forward wide point. The flatter deck design ensures ample volume under your feet, providing exceptional stability and buoyancy. With its down rails, this board allows you to effortlessly transition from rail to rail, showcasing unrivaled power and speed.

The Twinner is defined by its single wing swallow tail, a signature element that enhances maneuverability and responsiveness. The pulled-in tail block enables snappy turns on critical sections of the wave, while maintaining control and precision. The bottom contour of this board incorporates a blend of high-performance elements with a modern touch. It features a single concave that seamlessly fades into a slight vee off the tail, optimizing speed and flow. The medium entry rocker ensures smooth wave entry, while a subtle flip in the tail adds a touch of playfulness.

The Twinner thrives with bigger twin fins and a small trailer fin, allowing you to unlock its full potential. However, it also performs exceptionally well as a tri-fin setup, offering versatility to suit your preferences and wave conditions.

Prepare to redefine your surfing experience with the Twinner. Embrace the fusion of timeless style and contemporary performance, as this board empowers you to push the boundaries of speed and style on every wave.


Available Tech

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