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Introducing the X-File Two: Unleashing Speed and Versatility

From the legacy of the original X-File, we proudly present its triumphant return to our lineup: the X-File Two. This surfboard features a lower rocker that delivers an instant burst of speed from the moment you take off. However, we've carefully added a subtle flip at the end of the rocker, ensuring you can confidently navigate any peculiar sections without worrying about rail or nose clipping.

The true magic lies in the bottom contour of this board, harmoniously merging all its elements. Starting with a single concave that seamlessly transitions into a double concave, culminating in a noticeable vee off the tail block. This innovative design allows you to harness incredible speed and effortlessly lean into powerful turns, without encountering any resistance. The X-File Two is ideally ridden at your height, give or take an inch or two, catering to a wide range of surfers. It thrives in smaller surf conditions, up to head high overhead waves.

This model is equipped with a soft diamond tail, providing stability and control. Additionally, the X-File Two features a slightly wider tail block, enhancing overall float and performance in small surf or flat sections.

Experience the X-File Two, a surfboard that combines blistering speed, exceptional maneuverability, and versatility to accelerate your time on the waves to new heights.

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Available Tech

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