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Introducing the Flying Saucer, a surfboard model that defies convention and takes your surfing experience to new dimensions. Designed to be ridden 3"-6" smaller than your standard shortboard, this board boasts an incredibly full and wide outline, accompanied by a flat deck and full rails.

The Flying Saucer features a low entry rocker and a subtle flip in the tail rocker, optimizing speed and maneuverability. Its bottom contour showcases a slight single-to-double concave, transitioning into a vee off the tail. This combination of contours ensures a balance between speed, responsiveness, and smooth rail-to-rail transitions.

One of the unique aspects of the Flying Saucer is its versatility when it comes to fin setups. You have the freedom to experiment and discover your preferred configuration. While it performs exceptionally well with various setups, one standout option is a quad setup with a small nubster as the fifth fin in the center. This setup provides excellent control and maneuverability. The Timmy Patterson 6 fin TP-3 fin set is also highly recommended, offering the convenience of having multiple fin setups with just one set.

The outline of the Flying Saucer tapers down to a double-winged, fuller, and wider squash tail. This design element not only adds to its aesthetics but also enhances its performance in a range of conditions. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, these boards were crafted to shorter lengths for surfers like Christian Fletcher, delivering endless fun and progressive performance.

Embrace the unconventional and elevate your surfing experience with the Flying Saucer. Ride it shorter, explore different fin setups, and revel in the joy of this remarkable board. Discover a new dimension of surfing with the Flying Saucer, where creativity knows no bounds.

FLYING SAUCER_edited.png
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Available Tech

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