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(Narco) The Surf Movie

A 20 minute surf flick featuring Jake Halstead, Skip McCullough, and Kale Cadam down in mainland Mexico. Shot by Jason Burn & Nico Campagna. Edit by Nico Campagna.

A few words from Jake Halstead after the trip on his boards:

Mainly road my IF 15 swallow tail that is 5.11 x 19 x 2.38.

I also rode my IF 15 round tail 5.11 x 19 x 2.38.

One of the bigger days I rode my step up IF 15 that is 6.1 x 19 x 2.38 round tail

The IF 15 swallow tail is the most versatile board I’ve ever stepped foot on.

My IF 15 swallow tail is probably the best board I’ve ever had. It goes places on a wave no other board has. So loose yet has so Much drive and hold through turns. It’s almost as if you can go bottom turn and hit the lip behind you!

My IF 15 round tail worked insane on bigger alittle mushier waves with that wider round tail block I was able to create speed in the flat parts of waves and hold it on rail for a long time. My IF 15 round tail step up came in clutch on the bigger day where it was off shore. Paddles like a step up yet once your on the wave it was just like I was on a short board.

I couldn’t have had a better quiver for down there.

-Jake Halstead

Nov 4th 2020

see it for yourself right here


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