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We got the call the call from WSL a week before the event asking if Timmy Patterson could bring Matt Archbold up to surf Kelly Slater's surf ranch in Josh Kerr's expression session on Saturday night Sept 8th. Of coarse Archy was up for the task. We loaded up the entire crew now that we had our two main guys in the event and made the trek up north to Leemore Ca to the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch Pro. When we got there we were blown away with the technology that was laid before us. We were all stuck daydreaming what it would be like to get one of those waves to ourselves. Then we had to wake up because Matt Archbold would be the only one of us getting a wave besides Italo on this trip!

Matt was on for Saturday evening right before his favorite band Social Distortion took the stage for the night. We got to witness Archy surf the man made wave for his first time. He rode his brand new Built for Speed, six channel, glass on double wing swallow collectors edition model 5'9 x 18.63 x 2.25 that was just made for him the week before. It was no surprise what happen next out there. Below is just a few of the clips and shots from that day.

Big thanks to Dave Prodan from WSL, Sam Moody aka @clubmedsucks/@stab and Arin McKinney for all the clips and shots collected from the event.

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