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Italo Ferreira's XTR Epoxy Parallel Carbon Board

Sneak a peek at Italo Ferreira's new XTR Epoxy Parallel Carbon board. Only available through XTR Epoxy Surfboards.

Italo went with his Pool Party model which was created for the Surf Ranch Pro last year. After the event was over last year Italo had left his board behind with Timmy. Timmy went ahead and gave it a few test rides at his home breaks and the results were phenomenal. Every one in town got to try it out for a session or two. Next thing you know it was on line and live and available to order in the line up with all the other models listed. Since then its been at the top of the list right next to the IF15 model. Still to this day its one of the best selling boards in the entire line up.

Italo is riding 5'8 x 18.75 x 2.30 x 26.09L and he also went with a swallow tail on this one. See below for more details on the XTR epoxy technology.

to order your next XTR board please visit

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