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The US OPEN this year was a great time to work on boards with Italo before the Trestles event. We were able to get a couple under his feet and then make some changes and get another batch done before he was off to FIJI so we had a good game plan when he returns for Lowers. The big major change we made for his Lowers boards this year was we increased the over all volume. There is much more foam in the tail and up in the nose. You could really see it during the US OPEN on Italo's floaters. He was able to float them out much longer and faster, getting way more travel and speed. I also just hand painted some color real fast using whatever was around the paint room. I found a sponge and a small paint roller we used to just paint the face of our new APS machine, I also had some string that worked great for rolling some pin lines over the color. His over all design is working very well and its going to be fun to see how everything goes down this year at the Hurley Pro, stay tuned.

for more information on Italo's F-15 model check:

Board on the left: 5'10 x 18.63 x 2.25 F-15 model round tail Future tri fin set up w/carbon

Board on the right: 5'9 x 18.63 x 2.25 F-15 model round tail Future tri fin set up w/carbon

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