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The Matt Archbold model is back and available now.

The Matt Archbold Built For Speed has been a Timmy Patterson original design dating back into the 1980's. Archy and his iconic high speed surfing has always gone hand in hand with Timmy Patterson surfboard design. Together they both developed one of the best surfboard models of all time. Matt Archbold has been one of the few in high performance surfing to rock the double and triple wing swallow tails from small wave grovelers to Hawaii big wave guns. His design has been tested in just about all wave conditions over the last three decades. We wanted to pay tribute to Matt Archbold and his iconic surfing so we are releasing 60 limited collectors edition Matt Archbold models available only at the T.Patterson Surfboards flag ship store in San Clemente southern California. These collectors edition boards will be the last 60 boards to receive the original Archy's Garage logos from the early 1990's. All collector edition boards will also come as double wing swallow tail with carbon + six channel bottom + Glass on tri-fin. Fins are hand made in the USA in San Clemente Ca. by Mark Staveron and glassed on by Timmy Patterson.

*These will be the only and last 60 Built For Speed Matt Archbold models available with glass on fins, six channel bottoms and Matts iconic Archy's Garage logos. Available on the rack in our store or for the first customers to get their orders in before we sell out. Available until all 60 are gone. Custom orders can go from 5'6 up to 6'6" being the biggest. Don't wait and miss out order now. For more info on custom orders call us at (949)366-2022 or e mail for any other questions or orders. This is a limited collectors edition so the price will be starting off at a $999.00 base price.


5.5 x 18.25 x 2.13 21.86L

5.6 x 18.32 x 2.18 22.93L

5.7 x 18.45 x 2.20 23.50L

5.8 x 18.55 x 2.22 24.60L

*5.9 x 18.63 x 2.25 25.15L *(Archy Dims)

5.10 x 18.70 x 2.30 26.27L

5.11 x 18.82 x 2.35 27.55L

6.0 x 19 x 2.42 28.97L

6.1 x 19.13 x 2.48 30.20L

6.2 x 19.25 x 2.52 31.30L

6.3 x 19.38 x 2.58 32.37L

6.4 x 19.50 x 2.62 33.82L

*The Built For Speed Matt Archbold model will be available in the standard set up as well if your not looking to go with the collectors edition. We will offer the iconic model without his old Archy's Garage logo and will not be available in channel bottom or glass on tri. This will come standard with a double wing swallow tail and double spiral concave bottom and set up as tri fin with FCS-2 or Future fin systems only. These will start off at our normal 2018 pricing and are available world wide. For more information or to order please call us at (949)366-2022 or email us at

Board art by Roy Gonzalez , 6'1 x 18'5/8 x 2'1/4

ELVIS paint pen art by Drew Brophy

6'0 x 18'3/8 x 2'1/16

Built in 1987

Steven Tyler art by: Matt Biolos Mayhem

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