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RYJI x OTTTO - Stab Magazine

Nowadays for a Waco edit to peak it has to include something truly unique.

This is no knock on our friends at BSR Cable Park, but rather a reality of 90% of the surf world having made the trip to Waco in the past 3.5 years to get acquainted with the dozen square meters of O2 above the pool’s world class air section, of which we have all seen the clips.

Thankfully the above edit is exactly that, different.

Eleven-year-old Malibu local Ryji Masuda made an April trip to Texas in what was seemingly a straight air training camp. With Nathan Fletcher in attendance (1:25) there is literally no better time to pick up some tips in learning to launch straight, and who can blame Ryji for getting some backside tube tutorial going as well?

While a Waco edit devoid of air reverses was exciting enough, the above is scored by son of Metallica Bassist Robert Trujillo’s band OTTTO. Comprised of Tye Trujillo, Ryan Duswalt and Bryan Feretti, Venice based OTTTO lent the first track off their latest album to young Ryji, and honestly, what’s more rock and roll than an 11-year-old rocking front traction and only doing straight airs?

Click above to watch, and if you’re in the Chicago area head to Lollapalooza this Sunday to see OTTTO play their first major festival.



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