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We end up talking and emailing about this board everyday now!

Everyone is asking, what was Italo Ferreira riding at the last 2018 US OPEN in Huntington Beach? Well here it is!

Italo ended up coming over last minute last year for the event and he just grabbed a Scorpion off of the rack in the shop over in Portugal. Wasn't shaped for him at all! Was a stock scorpion off the rack, with a regular old standard glass job and every thing. He grabbed it last minute and brought right over with him and never even tried it until he got here to the USA.

The outcome was mental! The board flew over the minimal surf that he had and went twice as fast as everyone else in the event. People are still calling and emailing everyday asking about that board. We thought it would be best to just post up all the info right here.

We even put this board on the AWAYCO.COM platform so you guys can all get a chance to try this board out for your selves.

for more info

To book this board for yourself and ride it today

Otherwise scope out the board below and check out the footage for yourself and see Italo going full speed over almost flat waves. The Scorpion has been a magic design for anyone that has tried one since they first came out. Order one today call us at (949)366-2022 or email

5'6 x 18.75 x 2.19 x 23.9L - Scorpion model

Thanks to the World Surf League for putting on such epic events in the sport of surfing. Video footage thanks to World Surf League. WSL

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